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Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is an IP/SIP-based emergency communication system proposed by the National
Emergency Number Association (NENA). It provides media convergence and data integration that is not possible
with the current emergency communication system. For example, it is not possible to send a picture or video to the
call taker using the current system, but NG9-1-1 is designed to allow such multimedia communications. Also,
additional data such as floor plans, health records, or telematics data can be delivered to the call taker when they
are needed. The system incorporates location determination, call routing and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)
NENA NG9-1-1 Project History
NENA began the process of redesigning the 9-1-1 service system in 2000, with discussion among the Technical
Committee leaders about future 9-1-1 needs and concepts to support them.  In 2001, the NENA Board President and
1st VP inquired whether the Technical Committee would pursue this effort as a NENA organizational goal.  The
following sequence is a general history of this effort.

2001 Technical Committee leaders conceptualize the NENA Future Path Plan
2003 Open Conference held in Atlanta to discuss potential of IP as the base protocol for future 9-1-1
Technical Development Committee formed for IP design for future system. 
2004 NG9-1-1 picked as name for future IP-based 9-1-1 system
June - proposal to NENA Board to form a Policy arm of the NG9-1-1 Project, on basis that funding,
regulation, legislation, governance and other policy areas had to be solved in parallel with technical design
2005 Formation of what is now known as the Next Generation Partners Program
2006 NG9-1-1 Transition Planning Committee initiated, as joint Tech and Operations endeavor
2009 ICE Steering Committee for interoperability testing formed, NENA sponsored, vendor led
The first ICE was held in November 2009; four have been held, with another four planned
2010 NG9-1-1 Education Steering Committee formed, joint NENA/APCO effort
2010 The second (May) and third (November) ICE events were held.
2011 The fourth ICE event was held in November 2011.
2012 The fifth ICE event was held in October 2012.

There are three more ICE events to be held. At this moment it is perceived there will be one ICE event a year.

As of March 2011, about 15 standards and other documents on NG9-1- 1 have been produced, with an equal number
planned.   Go to http://www.nena.org/ng911-project for a list.

Stancil Commitment to NG9-1-1

Stancil Corporation is committed to NG91-1-1. We have been and are currently involved with committees, not only
to ensure we have thorough understanding of the technology but more importantly to include our expertise which
we have accumulated over 75 years. We have attended multiple Industry Collaboration Events (ICE) to ensure our
products meet the current NG91-1-1 standards. Therefore, contact us if you are looking for a solution manufactured
by a company which is heavily involved in NG9-1-1 .

There are many links on the web regarding Next Generation, however Stancil Corporation suggests you start with
these official links to obtain an unbiased prospective  of NG9-1-1.


Dec 2014
Stancil launches their latest release of Logging Recorder.

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Nov 2014
Stancil attends NENA Industry Collaboration Event (ICE6).
Oct 2014
Stancil Logging Recorder Completes Intrado Validation Testing.
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